Cheryl & Debbie head to head!
Cheryl & Debbie head to head!

PP048VOD - Boxing - featuring Cheryl, Debbie and Joe - Video Download

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Lots of boxing action!
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PP048VOD - Boxing - featuring Cheryl, Debbie and Joe
After several years of producing wrestling videos only, why did we suddenly find our cameras facing two women wearing boxing gloves? At a recent taping with Cheryl, we made a passing remark about boxing, and she picked up on it immediately, telling us how if we did such a video, she would love to be in it . Trouble was, it was hard to find another woman game enough to go against Cheryl (5'7" 147 pounds). Debbie (5'61/2" 144 pounds), a very attractive woman bodybuilder with a go-for-it attitude, went for it.
Truthfully, we have never seen any woman vs. woman boxing matches, either in person or on another company's video, and this was by our choice, as we wanted to do the match our way without being influenced by other companies whose action and production values are not into our standards. We knew, that without head-gear, there could no punches to the head, but if head gear was used, you wouldn't be able to see the women's facial expressions. For this video we opted for no head gear and the women could not punch to the head (though there were about 5 mistakes where someone got hit hard in the head). We feel that the interaction of the fists, between two good looking women was the most important visual aspect, as long as the interaction was believable and intense, and that is want we have brought to you. The punching - against the opponents gloves, back and shoulders is intense and never-ending. This video runs about 45 minutes and features 10 rounds of about 4 minutes each. After the 7th round, Cheryl did receive a hard injury from heavy punching, and for the final 3 rounds, Joe (5'11" 170 pounds) went into boxing combat against Debbie. - Duration: 45 minutes

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