PP034VOD - Take it to the Mat and Extra Credit II - Topless - featuring JoAnn and Karen - Video Download

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This video contains two different skits.
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PP034VOD - Topless - Take it to the Mat and Extra Credit II - featuring JoAnn and Karen - (mature audience only)
This video contains two different skits. "Take it to the Mat", shows good friends JoAnn and Karen in the gym for a "natural" workout. They soon find themselves comparing bodies, each claiming superiority over the other. Both girls decide that there is only one REAL way to settle the matter: muscle against muscle, on the mat! You'll want this exciting TOPLESS wrestling bout. They really go at it!
"Extra Credit II", stars Karen with JoAnn in a supporting role, JoAnn, a cheerleading coed, was able to bring her grade up last year by performing certain "favors" for her professor. Now Karen, who is in danger of flunking the same course, is trying to work a similar deal. Will the gorgeous blond with that magnificent behind succeed in raising her grade? "I'll do anything to help my grade professor, "she coos. All we can say is that your're in for a fun tape! - Duration: 90 minutes

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