PP021VOD - Wiped Out - featuring Ursula, Ingrid and Tom - Video Download

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Tom is a physically beaten male!
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PP021VOD - Wiped Out - featuring Ursula, Ingrid and Tom
Tom is preparing to move into a new apartment. He gets sidetracked by the beautiful, muscular Ingrid who is laying his carpet. Almost before you can say 'arm wrestling'. Tom has issued a challenge, putting his money where is mouth is. Of course, he plays right into the heart of Ingrid's strength and, after continually having his arm jammed down his throat, finds his wallet totally 'wiped out'. Ursula, the landlady, walks in on the two wrestling around she herself proceeds to put Tom through a rather 'crushing' experience! The combination of Ingrid's arms and Ursula's magnificent thighs exact a heavy toll: an empty wallet and a physically beaten male! - Duration: 55 minutes

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