PP010VOD - "F-Minus" - featuring Kay Baxter and Tom Jackson - Video Download

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Can Tom survive?
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PP10VOD - "F-Minus" - featuring Kay Baxter and Tom Jackson
Tom Jackson decides to take a 'fitness test' to see what his future holds as a wrestling wimp. What happens when Kay Baxter turns out to be the instructress? You'll find out - as Kay puts Tom through the paces in a series of strength test designed especially for apartment house wrestlers! When it comes to neck strength, the real question becomes whether Tom can survive, as the powerful Kay slowly tightens her awesome vice - to full strength! A classic video - Kay Baxter at her awesome best. -
Duration: 55 minutes

More of Kay Baxter:  http://www.muscleville2.com/Kay-Baxter_c_326.html

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