PP004VOD - "Four Part Apartment House Wrestling Video" - with Doughdee Marie, Jeanne O'Neil and Tom Jackson - Video Download

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Great wrestling action!
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PP004VOD - Four Part Apartment House Wrestling Video - featuring Doughdee Marie, Jeanne O'Neil and Tom Jackson
Part 1: Bad Back - Tom's back is injured from wrestling encounter with his wife, Doughdee. She leaves and Tom calls for a masseuse. To his delight, she arrives in a sexy outfit and heels and proceeds to give the 'hurt' just what it needs...the strong arms and legs of a gorgeous muscular woman! "You don't want a masseuse." she exclaims. "You want to be wrestled!" For Tom, it was lights out.
Part 2: Dial an Apartment House Wrestler - Tom notices a 'Wrestlers for Hire' ad in the yellow pages. He can hardly believe his eyes when Doughdee shows up. You are treated to a close up display of the hardness and strength of Barbara's 27" thighs and 16" calves. She even has Tom screaming between her calves as she rises to her toes!
Part 3: Doughdee Marie vs. Jeanne O'Neil - 6 falls of non-stop freestyle wrestling with two great looking women bodybuilders. Jeanne (5'5" 135 lbs.) has her hands full given a 25 lb. weight disadvantage. But wait till you see what she can do when she gets aggressive. It's Doughdee's raw power vs. Jeanne's "guts". Pure action, muscle vs. muscle.
Part 4 - "Scissorology 101" - Miss O'Neil (Jeanne) visits a professor for tutoring in sociology, only to discover that she misread the name of the course. Miss O'Neil is a living doll, and a very muscular on as the prof soon finds out. When she bends over to look for a pen in her purse, revealing rigid hamstrings, calves and glutes, the prof could care less id she even attends class! It's an automatic A+. She proceeds to pare down to her thong leotard to earn the grade right then and there, scissor after scissor, variation after variation, with all the power she can muster. Duration: 94 minutes

More of Doughdee Marie:   http://www.muscleville2.com/Doughdee-Marie_c_744.html

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