LDC019VOD - BRIDGET'S LINGERIE GRAB BAG - Nudity - Adults Only - Video Download

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HOT TALKING BRIDGET is blond, green eyes, 5'5" & 34C perky boobs.
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LDC019VOD - “Bridget’s Lingerie Grab Bag” - Nudity - Adults Only
(All Stockings) HOT TALKING BRIDGET is blond, green eyes, 5'5" and 34C perky boobs. BRIDGET is sitting on the floor showing you her bag full of sexy lingerie; garter belts, panties and stockings she’s going to model for you. Puts on blouse, short flare skirt, white bra, panties, white seam hose. She models all around, strips off blouse and skirt, more HOT modeling, then slow strip teases into red garter belt, bra, lace panties and black full seam stockings. BRIDGET’S naughty HOT TALK inviting your hungry eyes to feast on all her charms! Lies on floor, HOT slow strips into white panties, lace bra, beige full seam hose, hi-heels. Then into dark brown full seam hose, then lace top beige seam hose, pulls her panties down and CLIMAXES for you!
62 Minutes

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