LD87102VOD - FRENCH TOAST-TOASTING MY BUNS - Part 2 - featuring: COLETTE - Nudity - Adults Only - Video Download

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LD87102VOD - “FRENCH TOAST-TOASTING MY BUNS” - Part 2 - Nudity - Adults Only
(ALL PANTYHOSE) COLETTE is our 5'5", 38D beauty from France, blond hair, green eyes! This HOT TALKING babe is a legal secretary and shows you how FRENCH girls know how to tease! COLETTE gives you more THRILLS in the FRENCH ART of making love to you and turning you on! She’s CAUGHT IN HER UNDERWEAR as she TALKS HOT getting dressed in her beige pantyhose for her appointment. Put your johnson between her fabulous 38D BOOBS as she plays with them! COLETTE pulls her pantyhose down exposing her wet and willing hot holes ready for your HOT DICK! EROTIC SQUATTING SHOTS, then you’re the SALESMAN in the SHOE STORE, PEEKING thrills galore! WORMS EYE OVER CAMERA! Then into black pantyhose, HOT fingering, explore her HOT HOLES and CLIMAX!!
61 Minutes

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