LD87041VOD - MINI-SKIRT MADNESS - Part 1 - featuring: PAMELA - Nudity - Adults Only - Video Download

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She gives you hot stairway scenes with wide open spreads!
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LD87041VOD - “MINI-SKIRT MADNESS” - Part 1 - featuring: Pamela - Nudity - Adults Only
PAMELA is a secretary who loves to tease the men in the office with her short MINI-SKIRT, dark beige pantyhose, blouse, slip and panties! She dances around to show you her curvy 5” 4”, 32C figure, while her MINI-SKIRT keeps riding up her legs and thighs to expose her panties! She calls her girlfriend on the phone while we PEEK under her skirt at her shapely legs and white panty mound! WOW, that sexy phone TALK, and hot fingering down into hose, FOOT PLAY, pulls panties to side and halfway down to show ALL! Then she gives you hot stairway scenes with wide open spreads! Then to bed for tingling crotch and ass shots, stuffs hose into herself, licks hose for some great scenes to make you CLIMAX!!
63 Minutes

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