GKC07VOD - "The Producer Who Couldn't" and "Trampling Tornados" - Video Download

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This video is a Double Feature Presentation
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GKC07VOD - "The Producer Who Couldn't" and "Trampling Tornados"
"The Producer Who Couldn't" - Smoke, a movie producer. is looking for the right girl to star in his next film. Qualifications are simple - she must be able to wrestle and act. He meets with Golden Kat to discuss potential actresses, but she feels she should be the one. To prove it, she throws him down on the floor and squeezes his head with powerful thighs. As if that wasn't enough, she continues to torture him with many other strength holds. He probably wished he never met GK after that.
"Trampling Tornados" - is a compilation of trampling and wrestling scenes highlighted with background music. - 53 minutes

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