CRL15PD - "Pump Up With Amy" and "Wedding Night Blues" - Amy, Heather and Jessie - Adults Only - Topless - Download Photo Album - 40 Images

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A double feature presentation.
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CRL15PD - "Pump Up With Amy" and "Wedding Night Blues" - featuring Amy, Heather - Nudity - Adults Only
"Pump Up With Amy" - Tired and frustrated with all those morning exercise shows where the great bodies are too covered up? Where you can't see all of those lovely feminine muscles at work? We sure were, so we decided to film our version of what an exercise program should contain. In this video, your beautiful instructor Amy takes you (and her two well-endowed students) through a series of very sensual movements designed to shape up the muscles which really count (and turn you on!). You'll see tight, fit bodies showing everything they've got (with emphasis on legs and rears). So follow along, and we can assure you a stepped-up heartbeat, even during the 'commercial' breaks!
"Wedding Night Blues" - featuring Patty and Lisa - Topless Only
Are you kidding? A gorgeous brunette fox (Patty) getting 'stood up' on her wedding night?! Perhaps the groom was too blitzed, or made a wrong turn. Anyway, he never showed, but her best friend (an equally stunning redhead named Lisa) does, at least partially saving the 'day'. The two decide to have some 'girl fun': acting sensual, giving rubdowns, dressing in sexy lingerie, stretching, cooling off in the honeymoon suite pool, and 'warming up' together in the sauna. We think you'll enjoy watching these two beauties do their thing. They came to us direct from their latest, full length feature movie!
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