CRL04VOD - "Private Show" - featuring Diane - Video Download

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Super close-ups of her perfectly developed dancer's body
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CRL04VOD - "Private Show" - (mature audience only)
Recently we had a unique and exciting opportunity to privately film the lead dancer of a major stage production-A woman whom thousands have admired for physical abilities and beauty. As you can see by the photos, Diane is something else! Throughout this video, you'll be able to feel the heat radiating from this dark haired Italian as she moves to tune you in, and turn you on!
In fact, you'll probably yearn for a cold shower! An incredibly sensual performance-in 'strings', cut-offs, lacey lingerie, and soaking wet-by a female who will grab your attention and hold it until our curtain closes. And yet, you'll find her warm, loving and open to your personal viewing affections. A hot couch scene with super close-ups of her perfectly developed dancer's body, views of dripping wet right from the shower, plus a sexy little segment on her own personal 'stage', are featured. If you've ever wanted to be alone with a gorgeous, big-time dancer, this is your chance. Her 'public' show draws raves; this 'private' one will light your fire! 57 minutes.

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