CRL03PD - "Leg Goddess" - featuring Debra - Download Photo Album - 50 Images

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Six feet of fit, fabulous female.
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CRL03PD - "Leg Goddess" - (mature audience only)
Six feet of fit, fabulous female. Wherever she goes, traffic slams to a halt. Her magnetism commands the eyes of men and women alike. With an air of supreme confidence, she is utterly sure of herself and her charms, and readily confronts all who dare challenge her power. She is unattainable by average mortal men. She is The Leg Goddess! Laugh all you will, but when you feast your eyes on Debra, you'll find what we said is not far, if at all, off the mark. In fact, we challenge you to find a more alluring lower body. Endlessly long, built by years of competitive athletics and ballet, and carefully nurtured to a silky smoothness, these legs are world beaters (and the rest of her is heavenly, too!). Watch her tease and taunt you in a variety of very sexy outfits (including lingerie and very skimpy G-strings). Featured are displays of muscle control and stretching (to the limits), a leg lotion 'application' by her personal valet, and a final ballet scene on the veranda that will flip your lid! Buy this video and you too will be drawn in by Debra's magnetic grip. She'll have you paying homage to legs that are simply out-of-this-world!
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