CRL02PD - "Come Play With Me" - Topless - featuring JoAnn - Download Photo Album - 35 Images

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JoAnn's a mid-western 'girl-next-door'.
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CRL02PD - Come Play With Me - Topless - (mature audience only)
Now here's a 'Class Act' if we've ever seen one: JoAnn's a mid-western 'girl-next-door' with oh-what-a-body (in fact, we saw her 'next door' and did this video on the spot!). She's squeaky clean, with silky smooth skin tanned to perfection, and in G-R-E-A-T shape. The focus is on-you guessed it-legs and buttocks. And why not? She's 'got it', knows it, and loves showing it-in high heels, hose, G-string, minis, and T-bottom leotard. The leg exercises are especially noteworthy. And the final bed scene is smoldering! JoAnn will set you ablaze! She sure did it to us!
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